Camille Grammer is recovering after having cancer cells removed.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star - who previously underwent a radical hysterectomy after being diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2013 - is grateful her skin cancer was found early and she has praised her ''amazing'' surgeon, Dr. Beth Karlan, for removing ''those pesky cancer cells'' from her body.

She shared a picture of herself at Cedars-Sinai hospital with her surgeon and wrote on Instagram: ''Thank you Dr. Beth karlan for removing those pesky cancer cells. You are Amazing!

''This is my second cancer diagnoses. Thank God We found it early. (squamous cell carcinoma) *Early detection is key.

''My cancer was removed and I'm resting at home.

''Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn't seem right go for a checkup. Don't put it off. Annual check ups are important. @cedarssinai @foundationforwomenscancer #cancerwarrior #cancer #cancerawerness''

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common form of skin cancer, is usually caused by cumulative ultraviolet exposure over the years and often presents as scaly red patches or elevated growths..

The 49-year-old reality star - who has children Mason, 16, and Jude, 13, with ex-husband Kelsey Grammer and is engaged to lawyer David C. Meyer - is in remission from endometrial cancer and previously admitted she is ''feeling much better'' since undergoing her hysterectomy.

She also feels a responsibility to talk about her experiences to raise awareness of the disease.

She said last year: ''Every year, it gets better... so keeping my fingers crossed.

''Right now I'm just working to promote awareness for below the belt cancers. I just feel my responsibility as a cancer survivor [is] to go out there and let people know what the symptoms are for [Endometrial Cancer].

''So I do that through my social media feed, from speaking at different events from the patient's perspective... I'm very very passionate about it, as you can tell. Early detection is key and if I can help anybody, just one person it means the world.''