Camille Grammer has decided to quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after negotiations with the show's producers. Camille Grammer has been an integral part of the show but her future has been in doubt ever since her split and subsequent divorce from Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

Speculation had suggested Camille, 43, had been fired from the show, but she assured E! News that wasn't the case, saying, "I didn't want to expose my personal life so much anymore.I had done that and was over that. I care very much for my family and children and that show tends to take me away from them. I really want to focus on them right now". Grammer recently settled a lengthy custody battle over her two children with Kelsey and claims she's now in "a really good place". She is rumored to be staying in television, but when pushed on her future said, "We'll see. I don't know. All things are possible. There's stuff I can't talk about this minute.Reality is a possibility but all things are possible. I'm in a really good place and I'm all about my family. It is a personal decision. I was not fired".

Camille's ex-husband Kelsey is now married to former air stewardess KAYTE WALSH. When asked in 2011 why she split with her husband, Camille bluntly replied, "Kelsey got another woman pregnant when we were still married".