Camilla Parker Bowles will wear a dress by ANNA VALENTINE to tomorrow's Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to the Huffington Post.

Camilla has been a long-time fan of Valentine, and wore a gown by the acclaimed designer to her own wedding in 2005. She has since been photographed wearing items by Valentine on international visits and even to some of the designer's fashion shows. Camilla's dress for tomorrow's royal wedding is yet to be revealed and there are currently no details on what to expect from Valentine's latest creation. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton's dress is one of the best kept secrets of the royal wedding so far, with the designer yet to be named. The bride-to-be's father MICHAEL MIDDLETON arrived at the Goring Hotel in London today with a number of gowns well hidden in carriers. A doorman for the exclusive residence was photographed carrying the pieces into the hotel, keen not to give photographers a glimpse of the dresses. With the wedding now just hours away, British designer BRUCE OLDFIELD claims he has not designed Middleton's wedding dress, despite being the bookies' big favourite. Last week, the little known designer SOPHIE CRANSTON also ruled herself out, claiming she hadn't designed the dress either.

Kate Middleton will marry Prince William at London's historic Westminster Abbey at 11am tomorrow (29th April 2011). The ceremony is expected to be watched by 2 billion people worldwide.