Camilla Parker Bowles has been dealt a major boost ahead of her troubled wedding to British royal PRINCE CHARLES - her close family will all be present on her big day.

Preparations for the couple's marriage have already been rocked by an unexpected legal problem, which forced them to alter their choice of wedding venue from Windsor Castle, England, to the nearby Guildhall because of a loop-hole in British law which would have allowed members of the public the right to marry at the royal residence for the next three years.

In response to news of the revised wedding location, Prince Charles' mother QUEEN ELIZABETH II - who has reportedly refused to congratulate Camilla on her engagement - has turned down an invitation to attend her son's nuptials.

Although Prince Charles' sons Prince William and Prince Harry will be present, they're not expected to play prominent roles - and the heir-to-the-throne is reportedly angry at the limited support he'll receive from his family on 8 April (05).

However, Camilla is breathing a sigh of relief following days of upset - her family will be attending en masse.

A pal says, "She is very aware that it has gone wrong because of the way it has been handled. However, she has been encouraged by the fact that her family, the SHANDs, have said they are determined to be at the civil ceremony in force."

24/02/2005 14:37