The pregnant star admits it's getting more and more difficult to mask the fact she's going to be a mum as there's so little her character, Dr. Jo Wilson, can use to cover up.

"There's only so much you can do in scrubs, aside from carry an iPad," the Brit tells Fit Pregnancy magazine. "At some point, they're (writers) going to need computer-generated imagery to fake things, and if they do, I've already asked them to give me amazing six-pack abs!"

Camilla has also developed a maternal tick that doesn't help her hide her pregnancy.

"I have to make sure I don't rub my belly on camera," she smiles. "When I start rubbing, which I do mindlessly, the director points to her belly, and I know to stop."

The actress also reveals that her unborn baby girl appears to be an early member of the BeyHive: "I know the baby can hear at this point, so we have jam sessions during my commute. I think she really loves Beyonce.

"Whenever Beyonce plays, I feel her kick... I just can't tell if it's a 'Yes! I love Beyonce!' kick or a 'Please, God, stop singing along' kick'."