Camilla Belle thinks an eyelash curler is ''more important'' than mascara.

The 31-year-old actress has admitted she doesn't wear a lot of make-up but when she does she likes to ''play up'' her eyes, and she relies on the cosmetic tool for longer looking lashes rather than a sleek of volume-enhancing mascara, and a ''light pencil'' over her eyebrows.

Speaking about her beauty hacks to Us Weekly, the brunette beauty said: ''I like to play up my eyes more than anything. But normally day-to-day I don't wear a lot of makeup at all. Maybe just a light pencil. And curl the lashes -- it's more important than mascara!''

And the 'Sundown' star has thanked her ''DNA'' and her mother Cristina Routh's family for her bold eyebrows, although she has claimed the area needs ''maintenance'' to look good.

She explained: ''Those don't go away. The trick is DNA, thanks to Mom's side of the family. But also maintenance. It's about having a good brow gel and brush, and making sure you're shellacking them into place. There's one make-up artist that I worked for a long time, Brett Freedman, and he made a great brow product. I use it on a daily basis. I have the brush and the gel.''

The star has revealed she likes to opt for more natural-looking make-up and a simple hair do, which is usually a ''slick bun'', because she dislikes the ''pomp and circumstance'' surrounding a person's appearance.

She said: ''A little perfume, eye makeup, a slick bun and I'm ready! I grew up dancing ballet, so a little slick bun look is very classic and elegant.

''I do [like simple look] because that's not me. I'm not someone who loves all this pomp and circumstance. I say, 'This is who I am, so you'd better like it. If you don't, too bad.'''