Fifth Harmony have denied claims they are too sexualised.

After Camila Cabello quit the band last year, she claimed she was uncomfortable with their racy image but remaining members Ally Brook, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui have insisted they find it empowering.

Speaking on the The Sun's Bizarre Life podcast, Lauren said: ''We know how hard we've worked, we know how our choreography makes us feel empowered. We have our voices, which are incredible and kind of surpass anything else.

''I'm pretty sure everyone in music touches upon sexual context one way or another.''

They also responded to Sarah Harding branding them ''those sl***y ones'' as she chatted to her fellow 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates earlier this week.

Dinah said: ''Aw, well if she wants some lessons or anything.

''People always want to learn how to booty pop like Fifth Harmony, so that's our signature. But shout out to her. I really don't know who this is.

''It's a little frustrating to hear that our outfits give people this idea that we are sl**s.

''What me and my girls are about is being confident in yourself.

''If you feel like going on stage dressing up the way you want then that's all that matters, not what you think of me. I'm wearing this for myself.''

The group were asked if they ever considered disbanding after Camila's abrupt departure but they insisted they have a long future ahead.

Dinah said: ''I remember in my heart we were actually really nervous. We were scared and it was definitely a hard time, especially at the top of this year.

''We have each other and we knew that that wasn't it for us.

''We had the conversation, we were debating and going back and forth and, actually, we all knew.

''We all knew in our hearts there was something greater than what we had created and, honestly, I feel as though we are at our peak right now. Like we have so many great things to be blessed for.''