Camila Cabello will ''always fight'' for immigrant rights.

The 'Havana' hitmaker - who moved from Cuba to Miami at the age of five - has made it one of her missions to ''defend immigrant rights'' in the US and also defend her people.

Speaking ahead of Billboard's Women in Music event, she said: ''This country was built on immigrants to not only make a better life for themselves, but contribute to this country and this culture. For me, it's really important to defend immigrant rights and to defend the rights of Latinos and to defend my people. I will always fight for that.''

Camila had previously penned an essay about her experience when she arrived to the United States in the 2000s as an immigrant.

In the essay, she wrote: ''I am so proud to be Cuban-Mexican. This country was built on immigrants. People who were brave enough to start over. How strong we are to leave behind everything we know in hopes of something better. We are not fearless, we just have dreams bigger than our fears. We jump. We run. We swim, we move mountains, we do whatever it takes.

''And so next time, when anybody wants to tell you they want to build a ''wall'' on our border, remember behind that wall is struggle, determination, hunger. Behind that wall, could be the next cure for cancer, the next scientist, the next artist, the next drummer, the next anything they work hard enough to become!''