Camila Cabello would love to work in a coffee shop.

The 20-year-old singer might have had huge success as a member of Fifth Harmony - whom she split from last year - and currently be working on her first solo venture, but despite being a star, she admits her dream job would be working as a barista, because she wants to ''fall in love'' with a customer.

Asked what she would be doing if she wasn't a singer, Camila said: ''I would want to work in a coffee shop. Actually, one day I would still like to work in a coffee shop, because I have this dream of meeting someone in a coffee shop, and falling in love with them and talking to them every day. And they only come to the coffee shop to get my coffee. But it's not because my coffee's good. It's because they like me. I'm going to apply tomorrow to the nearest coffee shop.''

Despite her coffee shop dreams, the 'Crying in the Club' hitmaker's number one ambition is to ''keep travelling the world'' and sharing her music.

When asked what ambitions she is yet to accomplish, the brunette beauty said: ''All of them. I'm really excited to have my first album out. In the near future, I'm excited to get the 'Havana' music video out, and I'm excited to go on tour. My ambition in life is to keep travelling the world.''

With so much on her plate, Camila admits it would be nice to have a clone so she could get twice as much done, but she also believes managing two sets of emotions would be ''difficult''.

Asked by which superpower she would like to have, she said: ''It would be the power to have a clone, but we would have the same brain, so we would feel both lives at once. Like, we could watch a movie, and also eat at a great restaurant, and I would feel both of them. But it would be difficult, because I could also be having the best time of my life, and then my clone gets into an accident, and I would feel a lot of pain. And happiness.''