Camila Cabello thought it was a joke when she was told her debut solo album went platinum.

The former Fifth Harmony star released the self-titled record in January, and when she found out on Thursday night (19.04.18) that it has shifted over 500,000 units, she thought she was part of a prank on Ashton Kutcher's old celebrity prankster show 'Punk'd'

She tweeted: ''I CANT BELIEVE MY ALBUM JUST WENT PLATINUM. Is everyone in on this prank that Ashton Kutcher is playing on me ? Am I being PUNK'D ?! THIS DOES NOT FEEL REAL THANK YOU SO MUCH (sic)''

The 'Bad Things' hitmaker went on to admit that it was totally ''unexpected'' and that the album ''changed'' her life.

Thanking her fans - known as Camilizers - she later added: ''never in a million years did i think this would happen right now and I'm not just saying that..... I never ever expected this- making this album changed my life and it means so much to me that you guys love it.. JESUS I AM OVER. WHELMED. WOW WOW (sic)''

The 21-year-old beauty will be glad she didn't give up trying to write 'Havana' from the album.

The 'Never Be The Same' singer recently admitted she nearly walked away from the song at one stage because she found it so tough to write.

She shared: ''It's crazy, because that was definitely by far the hardest song to write on the album.

''It got to the point where I remember my mum and my manager were like, 'Don't even work on 'Havana' anymore because we don't even have a song'. For my birthday I went to the studio with Pharrell.

''We were on the couch and he started singing something. And then I started singing something and we figured out the words in, like, 20 minutes.''