Camila Cabello is ''collaborating'' with Shawn Mendes ''on life''.

The 22-year-old singer recently worked with her boyfriend and fellow singer on their track 'Señorita', but has said she isn't sure if they'll work together on new music in the future, because they already team up every day for their romance.

Asked about another collaboration with 21-year-old Shawn, she said: ''We collaborate on life. So, we'll see in music.''

Camila is gearing up to release her new album 'Romance', and has teased the tracks on the upcoming record will mostly be centred around her relationship with the 'In My Blood' hitmaker and the ''chaos that ensues'' from ''falling in love''.

Speaking to E! News at the TIME Next 100 Gala, Camila said: ''The inspiration behind my album is really being in love. It's called 'Romance' so it's like ... all stories about my life the past couple of years and just the chaos that ensues when you fall in love.''

Camila and Shawn sparked dating rumours in July when they released 'Señorita', and later confirmed their relationship following weeks of speculation.

And recently, Shawn admitted the couple began their relationship on July 4.

He said: ''We haven't been dating for that long. We've been dating since July 4th officially.''

Meanwhile, 'Havana' hitmaker Camila previously confessed Shawn ''feels like home'' to her.

She said: ''I'm so happy. I've known him for such a long time and I don't know, he just feels like home to me. Yeah, I'm really happy.''

Camila also previously admitted she ''really, really loves'' Shawn ''a lot''.

She said: ''It was so fun! You know, we've been friends for a really long time and we were kinda like we just didn't ... there was a period where we didn't hang out as much just because we were both busy and this song was really fun because we got to just hang out again like we did on the song we did before - 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' - which was when we got really close. This was just like we were like 'oh yay, we get to be pals and just hang out' ... Yeah, we're pretty happy, I really, really love him a lot.''