Camila Cabello is scared of the ocean.

The former Fifth Harmony singer has admitted her two biggest phobias are deep waters and the sharks that swim in them, and she once had an ''anxiety attack'' whilst scuba diving because she thought that the dangerous fish could ''trace her pee''.

When asked what her biggest phobia is, the 20-year-old singer said: ''I really have to get over my fear of sharks and the ocean. If I'm in the ocean and my feet can't touch the sand I won't do it, I freak out. I went to Cancún this year with my family, and we went scuba diving, and I literally was having an anxiety attack while scuba diving. I was like, 'It's right behind me! I know it, it's right behind me!' It was not, I'm still here, but it was horrible. I peed a little bit in the ocean, and I was like, 'The shark can trace my pee, I know he's coming!'''

Despite not being fond of the ocean, Camila loves being able to see different parts of the world, especially if she can take her family with her.

Asked by Buzzfeed what her proudest achievement is, she said: ''Taking my family to travel really beautiful parts of the world.''

Although the 'Crying in the Club' hitmaker loves spending time with her family, she recently bemoaned the fact that her hectic career often stops her from having a ''normal social life''.

She said: ''This isn't a 9-to-5 job. It's not like we clock in and then we're out, like we're living together. I don't have a normal social life experience. Like, I'm not going to school and then going to parties after and meeting people.

''At the same time, I still need to live life. I'm human and I need to hug people, I need to laugh with people, I need to cry with people. Like, I need that part.''