Camila Cabello has found a ''good balance'' between sad and happy songs on her upcoming debut solo record.

The 20-year-old singer is set to release her self-titled debut next week on January 12, and has said that after originally thinking the album would be full of ''sad songs'', she has now found it to be more upbeat than she expected.

Speaking about the album - which was originally titled 'The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.' before Camila decided to change its name in November - the 'Havana' hitmaker said: ''At first I thought it was gonna be, like, a sad-song album. Then the more I got into the year, it just was better. I felt way happier. I feel that it has a good balance of the emo and the happy.''

The album marks Camila's first studio release since her departure from girl group Fifth Harmony - comprised of Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane, Normani Kordei, and Ally Brooke - in December 2016.

But despite her musical roots, the 'Crying In The Club' singer doesn't enjoy discussing her time in the band, as she doesn't want to ''ruin the dream'' by speaking too much about what went on behind the scenes.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, she said: ''A lot of my fans were, or are, fans of the group. I don't like to ruin the dream. They believed in something that's beautiful. I'm sure with One Direction, too, nobody really saw behind the scenes. You just see the dream.''

Meanwhile, Camila announced the release date for her album last month, when she took to Instagram to share the album artwork.

She wrote: ''to my Camilizers .... my debut album is finally finished. now i'm trying to steady my heartbeat!!!!!!! thank you for being so patient with me this year, i can't wait for you to hear what has been the soundtrack to the past year of my life... all of these songs have special memories behind them, and i'm not gonna lie, it feels emotional letting them go, feels like the end of a chapter... i decided to call it by my name, because this is where this chapter in my life ended. it started with somebody else's story, it ended with me finding my way back to myself.

my album is gonna be available for pre order this Thursday, and i'm putting out two instant grat tracks with it.... one is called never be the same, and one is called real friends.

it's in your hands January 12 (sic)''