Camila Cabello likes to take a break from social media when she is at home.

The 'Havana' hitmaker admits it can be difficult to lead a private life because she feels like she constantly has to be ''on'' and engaging with her fans on apps such as Instagram and Twitter, but she says it's important to switch off sometimes.

She told the new issue of NME magazine: ''It can be a little hard in the age of social media where it feels like you just have to constantly be 'on'. And sometimes, I don't really like being 'on'. Like, if I go home to my family in Miami for a break, I don't like to be constantly Snapchatting everything.

''Sometimes I feel like I could probably do more of that kind of thing, but I don't want to constantly be on my phone, saying what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. And when it comes to interviews, I think sometimes I just have to know when to shut up!''

The former Fifth Harmony star previously admitted she worries she's missed out on a ''normal'' life.

Asked if it is a bit weird growing up in the spotlight, she said: ''A little bit. I go home to Miami and hang out with people I've known since elementary school. My experiences are so different now. I have some FOMO [fear of missing out]. But I would never trade it for anything.''

However, the brunette beauty said there are a lot of ''pinch-me moments'' in her life.

She added: ''There's definitely a lot of those pinch-me moments, which are super cool. People that I grew up with that made me want to pick up a guitar and start writing songs - they're people that I have friendships with. It's amazing and weird and surreal and crazy.''