Camila Cabello has admitted she ''hates'' social media.

The 20-year-old singer uses her Twitter account to speak to her fans, but has revealed she isn't a huge supporter of the platform because she isn't a ''public person'', and views using sites such as Twitter and Instagram as ''part of [her] job.''

She said: ''I hate social media, I only go on Twitter to interact with my fans, and you know because it's part of my job. It's part of me representing my work and realistically it's just a part of today. But I'm not really a very public person, I'm not on there talking all the time. How I speak out about things that are important to me is through my work, through what I do.

''I had a performance on the 'Today' show where I dedicated it to the dreamers and spoke out about that. 'Havana', the music video, it's all about that and shifting, representing Latinos, how we really are as humans.''

And the 'Crying In The Club' hitmaker insists she isn't the ''kind of person'' to get swept up in the celebrity lifestyle, as she's too much of a ''homebody''.

When asked how she keeps herself grounded, she said: ''I'm just not that kind of person, I'm like a homebody, and I don't really do a lot of stuff that I would get in trouble for to be honest with you! That's never really been hard for me because I've never had to cover anything up. My lifestyle isn't anything that might be controversial. Who I am publicly is really more or less, who I am.''

The former Fifth Harmony member is seen as a role model to millions of girls worldwide, and she is ''honoured'' to hold that title.

Speaking to the December issue of tmrw magazine, she said: ''Everybody's different, so I can only really answer that for myself, but for me, I do feel like, for me the word role model is a compliment and it's an honour. I like being that person for younger girls. I want to be! I want younger girls to come to my concerts and dream and all of that stuff.''