Camila Cabello had a ''flirtation-ship'' with a ''famous guy'' at a Grammys afterparty last year.

The 'Havana' hitmaker played it shy when she was asked if she is seeing anyone at the moment and didn't give away name, but revealed her song 'In the Dark' was inspired by her interactions with a celebrity, and how she wanted to get to know them as a ''real person''.

When asked by Zane Lowe on his Apple Beats 1 radio show, if she is dating anyone special, she simply said: ''Maybe.''

And explaining the lyrics to the track from her self-titled debut solo LP, she said: ''I wrote 'In the Dark' after a Grammy party last year.

''And so basically the song was kind of making an observation on the outside looking in about somebody that I met and that I was having this flirtation-ship with and it was a famous guy.

''I was noticing how a lot of the times it's this facade with people that are celebrities and they can't turn it off, it's it's always a performance or it's this mirage. I don't really want to fall in love with a name or just because you're famous ... I just want to get to know the real person.

''I feel like perfection is boring. So yeah that's basically what that song is about is me just kind of wanting to know the real person.''

It comes after the former Fifth Harmony star revealed she almost kissed Nick Jonas on New Year's Eve.

The 20-year-old pop star wrapped up 2017 performing as part of 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve', where she nearly pecked the 'Jealous' hitmaker on the lips to mark the occasion.

However, she backed out of her plan, and ended up getting a kiss blown away by Mariah Carey.

She shared: ''The ball was dropping and I was like, am I gonna kiss Nick Jonas?

''Because you know, it's like the New Year's thing. I've never had a New Year's kiss before ... I didn't, I chickened out, but I thought it would be like funny, you know what I mean?

''But Mariah Carey did blow me a kiss so that's good.''