Camila Cabello says she's ''bad'' on social media because she values her privacy.

The 'Havana' hitmaker has just released a new YouTube documentary called 'Made In Miami' - which offers fans a behind-the-scenes look into her life - but Camila has revealed she isn't very active on platforms like Twitter as she usually likes to keep a distance between herself and the wider public.

Speaking about the documentary, she shared: ''It's the most I've ever let people in before. I'm a private person. That's why I'm bad at social media!''

The YouTube documentary explores various aspects of Camila's rise to stardom, including her childhood and family.

And the brunette beauty - who was born in Cuba - hopes it will shine a light on immigration issues.

She explained: ''Getting to share our story and shed light on immigrants' immigration issues ... I'm really proud of it.

''I'm so influenced by Miami, which is why I never left. This is always gonna be my home. It made me.''

Meanwhile, Camila recently claimed that she doesn't live in a ''bubble'' like most pop stars.

The 20-year-old singer-songwriter fears things will get ''lonely, fragile and dishonest'' if she loses touch with where she's come from.

Camila - who first shot to fame as part of the girl group Fifth Harmony, before leaving the band in 2016 - said: ''I don't live my life like a pop star.

''That is what I do, but not what I am. I don't isolate myself in an untouchable bubble, because that's where things get lonely, fragile and dishonest.''

Despite her solo success, Camila is determined to remain humble and maintain a healthy relationship with her family and long-time friends.

She added: ''I'm super close to my family.''