Camila Alves struggled to get used to how her ''body changed'' after giving birth.

The 35-year-old model believes ageing and having her three children Vida, seven, Levi, nine, and four-year-old Livingston - who she has with her husband Matthew Mcconaughey - has taken its toll on her slender frame.

The brunette beauty told Ocean Drive magazine: ''You get older, your body changes. You have kids, your body changes.''

And the Brazilian-American style icon has hinted she has struggled to adapt to the changes, and she had to focus on how to be the ''best person'' she could be instead of dwelling on the change.

She said: '' And it took me to get to that mentality of 'What's my best self right now, with the life that I have now?' It is very different than the life I had when I was single, and I didn't have kids. So I'm trying to be the best person I can be today.

''Don't let my calm spirit fool you. I still have my Brazilian feisty side of me. It's the Latin in me. What I learned in being in so many cultures is understanding that nothing is really a big deal until it's a really big deal. Real drama will come. That's inevitable.''

Camila has admitted she was forced to be independent at an early age when she decided to leave her family and relocate to America to pursue her career in the fashion industry.

She said: ''Growing up I had to make my own way. It was not like I was going to call dad to pay the bills. I know how to take care of a house so I started cleaning houses.''