Camila Alves' pregnancy is affecting her ability to design bags.

The model-and-handbag designer is currently expecting her third child with husband Matthew Mcconaughey but she admits she has to be careful when creating her accessories because her tastes have changed.

She said: ''I have to be careful when I'm pregnant, because my taste level changes. To the point where, when I'm not pregnant, I'm like, 'Did I really like that?'

''It also takes me longer [to create bags] when I'm pregnant than when I'm not pregnant, just because I need to make sure that I'm being true to what I like - and that it's not just the hormones talking.''

Camila - who designs every item with her mother under the label Muxo - creates her bags for all different types of women and says here is something there for everyone.

She told PEOPLE: ''I don't want to design for just one specific type of woman. Every single woman should be able to go on our website and find something she likes.''