Cameron Diaz is reportedly dating British pop hunk ROBBIE WILLIAMS - just weeks after her split from fellow Hollywood star Jared Leto.

After failed romances with a ong line of celebrities including ex-SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL and model Rachel Hunter, the former Take That heart-throb has begun to woo the CHARLIE'S ANGEL actress with a series of dates in Santa Monica, California.

An onlooker who spotted the pair at a beach side restaurant confides to British newspaper the SUNDAY MIRROR, "They looked like an item to me. They were laughing and messing around and seemed to be having great fun together.

"At the restaurant, they were flirting outrageously together and attracting loads of attention - well, Cameron was. It looked like the start of something serious to me, and Robbie certainly seemed very keen on the whole thing."

The ROCK DJ hitmaker recently said in a TV interview on American show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "I don't know if I can say this on TV but I have got a crush on Cameron Diaz, quite badly really."

However, pretty Cameron has also been spotted out and about on the arm of actor Vince Vaughan recently.

25/05/2003 14:17