THE OFFICE star LUCY DAVIS snubbed a role in the forthcoming Cameron Diaz movie - after learning her character was Diaz's "fat ugly sister".

The English actress, who played DAWN TINSLEY in the Ricky Gervais comedy, was offered the lead character of ROSE, alongside Diaz's MAGGIE in the film adaptation of best-selling novel In Her Shoes.

Davis says, "My manager rang to tell me I had been offered the lead alongside Diaz. My character was going to be Cameron's on-screen sister.

"I was really smug about it for a while and thought 'Cameron Diaz's sister. I can do that'. But then I got the script, which read 'Now we meet Cameron Diaz's fat, ugly sister'."

Instead the role of Rose went to The Sixth Sense actress Toni Collette.

15/03/2004 02:19