Cameron Diaz says surfing is her religion.

The 'My Sister's Keeper' star loves putting on a wetsuit and climbing on her surfboard because she uses the "spiritual" water sport to talk to God.

She said: "It's very spiritual for me. It's like being directly in touch with God. It's so healing and amazing."

Although the 36-year-old beauty is known for being a 'surfer girl', Cameron only learnt the sport whilst filming 2000s action-comedy 'Charlie's Angels'.

She explained: "It's funny everyone sees me as a surfer girl because I grew up in California, but as a child I never surfed because I had no one to teach me and I didn't even have a surf board. I love it now though!"

Cameron recently admitted she believes she is surrounded by guardian angels.

She said: "I believe we have many lives and that our spirits are everlasting. I know I have many guardian angels with me all the time - I've always been aware of that since I was a child, and I'm very grateful. They're with you, you know? They guide you."