Cameron Diaz thinks Tom Cruise would make a great stuntman.

The actress was astonished by the physical antics of her 'Knight and Day' co-star and thinks he was so good at the more challenging scenes in the action comedy, he could be a professional dare-devil.

She said: "Tom is amazing. He is like a professional stuntman. If he wasn't Tom Cruise, Movie Star. He would be the best stunt man in the business."

Cameron was so impressed by Tom's exploits, he has inspired her to push herself further in her own action scenes.

She added to gossip website Absolute Now: "I watched him jumping on top of cars and hanging on to the roof as I'm screaming behind the wheel and all I can think is, 'How does he do that? I want to do that! I want to fly through the air. I want to fight. Give me some action scenes!' "