Cameron Diaz has extended an invitation to her co-star Kate Winslet to swap homes for real after trading places in new movie THE HOLIDAY. The pair play frustrated women who swap homes in an effort to avoid relationships - and they like the idea of seeing how each other live in reality. Diaz explains, "She's always welcome! I don't know if she'll find the guest bed, there's so much stuff piled up on it. "I'm a procrastinator, so it's hard for me to really get to the chores that I should be getting to, so everything goes right into the guest room and it just sort of piles up." The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star insists her home is the perfect place for a getaway adding, "It's nice little pad for myself, I just love it. "I like small spaces. I don't like big spaces. It's very earthy and grounded. It's cosy and small and intimate."