LATEST: Cameron Diaz is on the warpath over reports she's having an affair with a married TV producer - after announcing plans to sue British newspaper The Sun, she's now going after US magazine the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

The Sun broke the story about the actress' alleged romance with SHANE MCKESSON, who produces her MTV travel show TRIP PIN', and offered photos of the two together.

But hurt Diaz insists the story is nonsense and earlier this month (MAY 05) declared she was going to sue the editors responsible.

Diaz's lawyers stated The Sun's front page article falsely alleged that she had embarked upon "a secret affair with a married man".

The legal eagles at Schillings then confirmed that the actress had instructed them to "issue and serve libel proceedings against the publishers of The Sun newspaper."

A spokesman for The Sun has confirmed that the publishers have received a letter of claim from Diaz's lawyers, ordering the newspaper to cease and desist in its publication of a story and photos alleging Diaz was kissing a colleague from her show.

He insists The Sun has not received notice that an actual lawsuit has been filed.

Meanwhile, bosses at the National Enquirer, which ran the same story, have confirmed they got the same cease and desist letter from Diaz's attorneys.

17/05/2005 21:38