LATEST: CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Cameron Diaz has slammed rumours she has purchased a multi-million dollar love nest in Hawaii with boyfriend Justin Timberlake. According to some media reports, the couple, who have been dating for nearly four years, recently purchased a beach-front estate on the tropical island of Oahu for $25 million (GBP14 million) . But Diaz tells Self magazine jokingly, "I wouldn't buy anything for less than $35 million! No! Who has $25 million to spend on a vacation house? That's insanity!" Reports claimed the pair purchased the home because of their intense love of surfing, which Diaz describes as "a truly religious experience". She adds, "Ushering a wave that's travelled across the world into the shore is amazing. I don't care if I get to do it just two days a year, I have to be in the water. It's balancing." Although Diaz does love to surf in Hawaii, she insists that while she's on vacation there she stays in a hotel or rents a house.