Hollywood starlet Cameron Diaz has been seeking advice from her ex-love Jared Leto after being stood up by her pop star boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

The stunning blonde was fuming earlier this month (FEB04) after she was kept waiting by Timberlake at trendy Los Angeles restaurant AOC for an hour and ended up eating alone, before phoning the 'N SYNC star to remind him of their date.

Diaz then contacted her former lover, who is now reportedly dating TOMB RAIDER babe Angelina Jolie, for some comforting words.

A friend of Diaz says, "Jared and Cameron dated for a long time and forged a deep friendship despite the fact that things eventually didn't work out.

"They've very close in terms of age to one another and she wanted a male perspective on the situation with Justin."

Diaz and Leto dated for four years until April 2003 and a month later the CHARLIE'S ANGELS star was spotted with Timberlake.

01/03/2004 05:44