A budding California architect is blaming heavy-handed cops for wrecking her dreams after they took her computer, believing it was full of topless images of Cameron Diaz.

CANDRA ACEVEDA's photographer boyfriend John Rutter was arrested after he threatened to release topless shots of the actress unless she paid him $3 million (GBP1.9 million).

And now the hapless snapper is in jail on $250,000 (GBP156,250) bail, and Aceveda is trying to figure out why police went overboard to arrest him.

She says, "There was a 10-member SWAT team and they kicked the door in and they had guns pointed at us and they just took his property - and mine too.

"I was working on a project for the WORLD TRADE CENTER competition and because of the raid everything was on a computer so I wasn't able to submit."

Aceveda thinks her boyfriend is being made an example of and his imprisonment is unfair.

She adds, "$250,000? That's four times the amount of a murderer."

Rutter's lawyer ANTHONY SALERNO agrees, "It's a very high bail. It should be below $100,000. There's no violence here and the person has no criminal history."

Rutter appeared in a court in Los Angeles yesterday (28AUG03) trying to lower his bail.

29/08/2003 09:05