Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake kept their romance under wraps when they filmed two episodes of the actress' new MTV travel show TRIPPIN' because they wanted to be business-like.

The couple chose not to kiss or hug on screen as they visited environmentally threatened areas in Tanzania.

Diaz says, "When we did this trip together, we did it as business. We're working together.

"Clearly, as producer and creator of the show, I'll put in what I feel comfortable with, but it's not about Justin and my relationship. He's just like any other guest."

Diaz is joined by other stars including Kid Rock, retired rapper DMX and actresses Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes on the show, which debuts in America on Monday (28MAR05).

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star hopes her new show will encourage her fans to think more about environmental matters: "If you want to go volunteer somewhere, awesome. If you want to start recycling, and turning off your lights when you leave the room, and only do full loads of laundry, awesome.

"A lot of things we're suggesting are just little habits that people can change."

25/03/2005 20:18