LATEST: Cameron Diaz insists her upcoming nose job will fix a medical condition and has nothing to do with vanity. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star admits she only has one nostril which works properly - after breaking her nose four times - and she is desperate to get it repaired. Diaz has been consulting with DR RAJ KANODIA, the same Beverly Hills surgeon who is reportedly responsible for Ashlee Simpson's new look. She explains, "My ear, nose and throat doctor said nostrils only work one at a time, I think. I only have one that works at any point, so when it's off, the other one doesn't come on. "They're going to swipe it through. It's not cosmetic, it's just for breathing purposes. Half the oxygen isn't working for me any longer. "There are moments where I can't remember things and I'm going to blame it on lack of oxygen. "They're just going to go in and fix the bones. The septum's kind of like a derailed train; it kind of piles up on itself a few times. It's not cosmetic, it's purely medical."