Cameron Diaz has insisted that her upcoming nose job is not for vanity but medical reasons.

Star of There's something about Mary and Charlie's Angels, Diaz has broken her nose four times and will be having the surgery to correct problems that are causing her breathing difficulties.

The actress and long term girlfriend of Justin Timberlake said, "My ear, nose and throat doctor said nostrils only work one at a time, I think. I only have one that works at any point, so when it's off, the other one doesn't come on".

She was keen to stress the medical reasons for the operation, saying, "It's not cosmetic, it's just for breathing purposes. Half the oxygen isn't working for me any longer. There are moments where I can't remember things and I'm going to blame it on lack of oxygen".

Diaz is currently starring in festive feel-good film The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Jack Black and is working on the third of the animated Shrek films with Eddie Murphy who provides the voice of the lovable Donkey

04/12/2006 08:09:35