Hollywood star Cameron Diaz is taking a break from acting to concentrate on settling down instead. The 34-year-old has just finished working alongside Jude Law and Kate Winslet in new movie THE HOLIDAY, but confesses she's in no rush to get back in front of the camera. She tells Empire magazine, "I'd worked so hard in my twenties and realised that as much as I love acting and making films, I needed to find another way to spend my time. "I love making movies, but at a certain point you just go, 'OK, where do I live? What do I have?' And you get tired of having to try to make everywhere your home. You just want a place to put your stuff." Diaz is also keen to pick up some of her favourite hobbies: "Being outdoors, just walking through the trees, riding on the river, surfing, snowboarding... I love snowboarding."