Hollywood star Cameron Diaz is trying to block a Russian internet site from offering video footage of a saucy movie she made before she was famous.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star, 31, has spent the last year battling to stop the release of footage of her topless and wearing fishnet stockings in the 1992 'S+M' film.

But website SCANDAL-INC.COM is now offering pay-per-view customers the chance to watch the semi-nude star performing role play with a brunette and man in shackles and using a can of compressed air "for a purpose probably not recommended by the manufacturer" in the film they are calling SHE'S NO ANGEL: CAMERON DIAZ.

A press release for Scandal-Inc.com claims they obtained rights to the film from a distributor who bought them from photographer JOHN RUTTER - who made the film.

But Rutter's lawyer tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, he "has nothing to do with this web site. This video has been in existence for 12 years. Someone must have gotten a copy."

According to Diaz's representatives, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has issued an injunction banning anyone from distributing photos and video from the film. A cease and desist letter has been sent to the website's owners.

08/07/2004 17:25