Los Angeles hotel the Chateau Marmont became a hot new couple's hang-out on Friday night (04Apr08) when Cameron Diaz and Gerard Butler joined Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal for a late night bite.
The foursome, who appeared to be the best of friends, enjoyed red wine and appetizers on the patio, according to Life + Style magazine.
A bystander says, "Cameron and Gerard held hands under the table, but Reese and Jake were slightly less affectionate - they called it a night at 3am, about 30 minutes after Cameron and Gerard left."
There was almost a blast from Diaz's romantic past at the hotel too - her ex-boyfriend Jared Leto was also spotted at the famous Sunset Boulevard establishment just before the actress arrived.
Diaz and Scottish actor Butler have been linked romantically for the past month, while Witherspoon and Gyllenhall have been dating since the actress split from her husband Ryan Phillippe last year (07).