Cameron Diaz was left hiding her blushes and her flesh on US TV yesterday (28NOV06) when she realised she was showing a little too much bare skin on comedienne Ellen Degeneres' talk show. The actress chose to wear a brown mini-dress on the show, but quickly realised it was inappropriate when she had to sit down for an interview. As the quick-thinking host kneeled in front of her to stop viewers and audience members seeing too much of Diaz, the CHARLIE'S ANGELS star quipped, "I was told to keep my legs together." DeGeneres then offered Diaz a napkin to cover the top of her thigh. Diaz showed off her cooking skills on the show, bringing DeGeneres a full turkey dinner she and her sister cooked for Thanksgiving. There was also a dessert treat - a three-layer pie cooked up by boyfriend Justin Timberlake from his grandmother's secret recipe. Diaz boasted her pop superstar beau is also a great baker, adding, "That's (pie) like crack cocaine right there, the one time you eat it, it's over."