Original BLAKE'S SEVEN cast member PAUL DARROW is urging Hollywood stars Cameron Diaz and Winona Ryder to sign up for a new series of the cult British sci-fi show.

The hit seventies programme - often ridiculed for its low budget and wonky sets - is poised for revival now Darrow has bought the TV rights, and he's determined to bag an A-list cast for its comeback.

Darrow is planning to revive his role as ruthless anti-hero AVON, even though the character was spectacularly killed in the final show of the series in 1981.

He says, "I'm trying to get people to sign up Cameron and Winona - they could play the role of Avon's Angels."

Aware of the criticism that plagued the show in its heyday, Darrow is promising plot improvements.

He adds, "Everything has to be a lot more cutting edge. It's going to be like The West Wing in space."

03/09/2003 09:32