Movie beauty Cameron Diaz is desperate for a family with pop star boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - and wants the pair to start trying for a baby this year (04).

Friends of the couple predict they will marry in 2004, and the 31-year-old actress is keen to settle down with kids soon after - but Justin, 22, is uncertain about becoming a father so young.

An source close to superstar singer says, "Justin adores her. While there's been no official announcement that they'll get hitched, we all know it's likely to happen this year.

"When Justin falls, he falls. It's been tough for them as a couple, especially with the attention that Justin got last year (03).

"Even for someone as gorgeous as Cameron that's got to be hard. But they've stuck it out and they're the most devoted pair you could come across.

"The only problem is that Cammie wants to start a family. She's got a decade on Justin and feels like she wants to become a mother pretty soon.

"She has said she wants to have a baby this year, whereas Justin wants the year to themselves. It's going to cause friction."

05/01/2004 18:38