Actress Cameron Diaz has spoken out about the acne hell that plagues her life - and forces her to become phobic about germs.

The 31-year-old CHARLIE'S ANGEL is well-known for her problem skin, which flares up at times of stress and even caused her to miss the London premiere of her film Gangs of New York earlier this year (JAN03) for fear of being photographed looking less than perfect.

She admits, "Of course I know I am an attractive girl, and I'm pleased about that.

"But even I have a flaw. My skin is so over-sensitive I get inflamed spots at the smallest thing.

"If it's possible I even touch door handles with tissues. On days like that I just stay away from the mirror."

But Cameron has other qualities that make up for her troubles - she has no need to exercise to keep her famous figure in shape.

She laughs, "I wear high heels - that's my only fitness training and it gives nice legs. Sometimes I want to start playing tennis or going swimming but I'm too lazy for that.

"I like my bed."

11/09/2003 02:04