Gorgeous Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz helped a BBC programme team for free - after she happened to bump into them in the middle of the Belize jungle.

The GANGS OF NEW YORK star was visiting the country to help promote a local campaign to halt the construction of a dam which threatens a rainforest in the Central American Macal river valley.

BBC presenter CRAIG DOYLE, who hosts the HOLIDAY programme, unexpectantly found himself sitting next to the Charlie's Angels beauty - so asked is she fancied doing a piece to the camera.

The show's director, ED VENNER, says, "She introduced herself, saying, 'Hi, I'm Cameron Diaz,' as if we didn't already know!

"She had no entourage and was extremely friendly, no airs and graces, and laughed that trademark laugh which had us all enraptured."

Cameron got up at 6am and agreed to be filmed without make-up - all so she got the chance to promote her favourite charity, which is also supported by BLADE RUNNER star Harrison Ford.

Ed says, "At the end of the morning, she signed a release form giving us permission to use the film with her in it, with no fuss and no lawyers running all over it.

"She was very chatty, eloquent and well-informed about the dam and the issues surrounding it"