Cameron Diaz has won the approval of boyfriend Justin Timberlake's grandmother - because she is more "emotionally settled" than his previous love Britney Spears.

Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE star Cameron, 31, and Justin, 22, have been dating for three months, and the CRY ME A RIVER hunk's family are reportedly smitten with the Hollywood actress - because they're delighted he's found a "mature" women following his long-term relationship with pop star Spears.

Timberlake's delighted grandmother SADIE BOMAR declares, "Justin is on the phone to her quite a bit as he isn't always able to be there for her in person because of his tour. The good thing about Cameron is that she is older and more mature and she can deal with that.

"He likes that because she is more settled down and sure of herself than Britney was. She is more emotionally settled. Justin is really settled down and sure of himself, Britney wasn't. Cameron has had relationships and is more stable."

Sadie adds, "Cameron understands his situation, that's why he likes more mature women."

01/07/2003 17:25