Cameron Diaz says her bum is getting better with age.

The 'What to Expecting When You're Expecting' star turns 40 in August and because of her commitment to exercise and a healthy lifestyle she insists her body and especially her rear have never looked better.

She told 'Access Hollywood': ''My ass is definitely higher than it was when I was 20!

''But this is the thing that people don't understand - take care of your body [and it will] get better! It gets better as I get older.''

Cameron isn't worried about getting older and instead she is grateful for the success she has enjoyed and the life that she has.

The blonde beauty insists she has gotten a lot wiser as she has got older and believes life improves with age.

She added: ''I love getting older. I think it's such a blessing.

''Look, the alternative to getting older is dead, so ... I feel very fortunate to have a very full, loving, blessed life, so, I'm living it to the fullest.

''As I get older, I become happier - because I'm wiser, I know myself better [and] I connect to people better ... I say, embrace it. I love getting older, I love everything that comes with it - I'm better in every way because of it.''