Cameron Diaz's collaboration with Pour La Victoire has taught her the ''language'' of fashion.

The 41-year-old actress became artistic director of the New York-based accessories and footwear company last summer and has now unveiled her debut fall 2014 shoe line, admitting her first foray into fashion has been a steep learning curve.

She told WWD's Footwear News: ''In the movie business, things move quickly, too, even more so over the years. We're used to approving marketing materials before we've finished filming. But in fashion, you have pre-fall, fall, holiday. You have all these little mini collections that you have to do.

''I can't keep track of it. It's literally not my language. But I'm trying to learn it. They are teaching me and I'm learning from them, and they are learning from me.''

Cameron worked closely with PLV's executive creative director, David Giordano, to ''refine'' the collection, taking away overworked shoes with ''bells-and-whistles''.

The result is a slick range of sophisticated heels which fall in the $250 to $500 price range. However, the 'Annie' actress - who put her stamp on 80 per cent of the product - revealed her name won't appear on the line because she doesn't want it to be just another celebrity collaboration.

She said: ''I don't want girls to aspire to be me. That's not what this brand is about. It's not about wearing a shoe I would wear. I want them to see themselves in this shoe.''