Actress Cameron Diaz is clarifying reports suggesting she doesn't believe in monogamy, insisting remarks she made in a recent magazine interview were taken out of context.

The Charlie's Angels star, 41, recently hit headlines for her unconventional thoughts on romantic relationships after telling InStyle she didn't think people were "really naturally monogamous".

She added, "We all have the same instincts as animals. But we live in a society where it's been ingrained in us to do these things."

But Diaz, who has previously dated actor Jared Leto, singer Justin Timberlake and baseball star Alex Rodriguez, claims she was referring to the mindset of her character in new movie The Other Woman, in which she plays a woman who discovers her married lover has been cheating on her with another mistress.

Clearing up the rumours, she says, "That's not what I said. My character says she doesn't believe in monogamy...! I believe in monogamy. That is an important part of a successful relationship...

"I have had (monogamous relationships). And, by the way, also, not all relationships end because people get cheated on or people cheat. Relationships end because they end for whatever reason, but they are still successful relationships that have been monogamous for however long they've lasted."