Academy Award-winning movie-maker Cameron Crowe made the unusual decision to re-edit his new movie ELIZABETHTOWN after critics at the Toronto Film Festival slammed it as "tone-deaf, miscast and interminable".

Crowe, who has also directed Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky, cropped the 138 minute film by 20 minutes, making him one of the very few film-makers to change his work after it has been publicly screened.

But the maverick director insists he did the right thing in over-hauling the movie ahead of its formal release in cinemas.

He says, "I felt I had spent too much time with this film in dark rooms and wanted to show it in public and get a sense of the rhythm of the film.

"It was just how this one played out. It was a complex thing."

And Elizabethtown was dogged by alterations while shooting too, with Crowe ditching leading man Ashton Kutcher halfway through production in favour of British heart-throb Orlando Bloom.