Calvin Klein claims trends are "meaningless".

The legendary designer is no longer involved in the fashion world and although his legacy lives on through his Calvin Klein label, he insists he doesn't miss it because he hates trying to keep up with what clothes are popular.

He said: "You know, since I'm no longer involved in the fashion business, I'm so happy to not pay attention to trends because they are meaningless anyway. They are over fast. As soon as you see them, as soon as you see people wearing them, they are over. That's it. As soon as you see it on someone, forget it."

The label is currently enjoying huge success thanks to advertising campaigns starring the likes of Zoe Saldana and Lara Stone, but Calvin - who sold his business in 2002 - refuses to take credit for it.

He told the New York magazine: "I have nothing to do with any of it. I sold the company. I have nothing to do with it."

Earlier this year, Dutch supermodel Lara was confirmed as the new face of Calvin Klein, after signing an exclusive deal with the fashion house to front its campaigns for Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Collection and ck Calvin Klein.

She said: "I have a long history with the Calvin Klein brand, and so it was wonderful to work with the house again this year. It's like being part of a family."