Scottish music producer Calvin Harris is co-ordinating an enormous simultaneous house party by posting an invite on his MySpace page. The project, underwritten by his record company Columbia, is scheduled for 18 August (07) and encourages fans to "hold your own Calvin Harris party and tell us about it! "Anything goes - big or small - from a neon nu-rave extravaganza to a boozy barbecue to a girls' night in." The stunt - to promote Harris' new single Merrymaking At My Place - boasts a top prize of GBP1,500 ($3,000) to the wildest party host, and a private performance from Harris himself. Columbia dismisses complaints the idea is irresponsible, with a spokeswoman for the label saying, "These parties are intended for groups of friends to get together to celebrate the spirit of merrymaking that went into the making of his album. "Provisions have been made to keep parties to personally invited friends and for permission to be sought where necessary."