Calvin Harris has released the video for his new single featuring a cameo by Jason Statham.

The superstar DJ, who is dating singer Rita Ora, has unveiled the promo for his new track 'Summer', which shows 'The Expendables' star attempting to race Calvin during a drag race in the desert.

The video starts with an view of a long stretch of road and shows the DJ looking causal in a pair of jeans and white t-shirt.

Elsewhere, a model wearing lingerie watches him from a balcony and is seen seductively writhing around on a bed.

Jason, who is well-known for playing bad guys in movies, then appears looking serious and wearing shades as he drives down a road in competition with the DJ.

The two men become pals in recent months and were seen partying in Las Vegas as well as at the BRIT Awards.

Meanwhile, Calvin has also being working with Rita on her new track 'I Will Never Let You Down' and she admits she was ''nervous'' working with the star, who she has been dating on/off for about a year.

She said: ''I was actually a bit nervous because he's never seen me in work mode. But literally just 10 minutes in, he was so blunt. I think it's the Scottish-ness in him, he was just like 'no' etc and it happened so quick.''