Hours after new photos of the singer kissing actor Tom Hiddleston on a remote Rhode Island beach emerged online on Wednesday (15Jun16), Calvin deleted posts featuring her, including his post-breakup tweet, in which he insisted "love and respect" would remaining between himself and his former girlfriend.

He also blocked a fan on Twitter who pointed out posts about his ex he had forgotten to delete. He also unfollowed Taylor’s brother Austin.

The photos obtained by British tabloid The Sun seem to make it clear Taylor has a new man, who is 11 years older, in her life.

The shots, taken on Tuesday (14Jun16), show the new couple holding hands, hugging and kissing during a day out at the beach near Taylor's Rhode Island retreat.

However, a source tells People magazine there is no bad blood between Calvin, real name Adam Wiles, and his ex, insisting he wasn't blindsided by the news of Taylor's new romance.

"Adam is aware," the insider says. "He always just wanted the best for Taylor. He just wants her to be happy... He has moved on and is happy. He has no opinion about who she hangs out with."