The Scottish hitmaker celebrated his first anniversary with the pop superstar in March (16), and although things are going really well between the couple, Calvin claims the idea of mixing work with pleasure has never come up between the pair.

"You know, we haven't even spoken about it," he confessed during a chat with U.S. presenter Ryan Seacrest. "I can't see it happening though. No. She's about to take a long break."

The We Found Love producer may have the right idea keeping his relationship with Taylor separate from his professional endeavours after his romance with Rita Ora fell apart not long after they teamed up to record the track I Will Never Let You Down in 2014.

Meanwhile, Taylor recently told Vogue magazine she is enjoying her downtime after the huge success of her 2014 album 1989, and she has "no idea" when she will release her next album.

"This is the first time in 10 years that I haven't known," she said. "I just decided that after the past year, with all of the unbelievable things that happened, I decided I was going to live my life a little bit without the pressure on myself to create something."

Living her life involves spending much of her free time with Calvin, who has become a regular on the festival circuit, and the DJ loves having his girl by his side, especially because of her bubbly nature.

"She's fantastic! She knows when it's time to leave me for a bit on my own. Before the show," the 32-year-old gushed to London's KISS FM radio station.

"She's super encouraging and she kind of gets her vibe going with other people as well, you know. She can even cheer up my manager, which is an unbelievable feat! So it's fantastic having her around."

Calvin is also having fun exploring Taylor's hometown of Nashville, Tennessee whenever he gets some time off.

"I've kind of got a soft spot for Nashville nowadays actually," he smiled. "It's a really kind of peaceful, friendly place and I'd never been there, like, until last year."