Calista Flockhart has said stress while working on hit US television series Ally Mcbeal caused her to lose weight.

The 42-year-old actress, currently starring in Brothers and Sisters as political adviser Sally Field, achieved fame as the eccentric lawyer during the show's five-season run in the 1990s.

Always renowned for being somewhat on the skinny side, Flockhart has now revealed that part of her weight problem was the price she paid for success on the show.

"During [Ally McBeal], when we were filming and working so hard, I became stressed and did not eat as much as I should," Entertainment News quoted her as saying.

"I think, on a frame like mine, if I lose a few pounds, it makes a big difference. There was no anorexia or bulimia or any other such thing. I hated every bit of attention on my weight and size. Even now, I can't put into words what exactly happened."

Flockhart recently said that motherhood has mellowed out her personality, diminishing her drive as an actress.

Having taken five years off to bring up baby Liam, she now claims her personality has become more rounded as a result - a bit like her healthier figure.

"I used to be a workaholic and very ambitious. I don't know why, but it's all melted away," she said.

08/07/2007 12:09:26